Dog Ring Holder


  • Bulldog ring holder dish
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 3.35*4.43 inches
dog ring holder Gold

When placing the order, please include a note specifying the color of the gift.


Just delight in the charm of this adorable piece of craftsmanship on your nightstand or dresser. Apart from providing a designated spot for your rings, it will add a personal touch to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any space where you choose to showcase this endearing little animal.

dachshund ring holder size

Place it wherever you frequently remove your rings, ensuring you never lose them again with a dedicated spot just for them.

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or at your office, this delightful companion will enhance any space. It also makes for a wonderful gift!

If you’re seeking a more unique model, our elephant ring holders is ideal, featuring branches for a distinctive jewelry display! Otherwise, explore our collection of ring holders or check out our various types of jewelry holders.

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