Rose and Necklace Box


Rose necklace gift box

Jewelry box shape: Heart

Material: acrylic, velvet

Jewelry box color: Blue, Pink

Size: 125mm*120mm*105mm(4.8″D x 4″W x 4.7″H)

rose and necklace box Blue
rose and necklace box for women Green
rose and necklace box gift Red

When placing the order, please include a note specifying the color of the gift.


Unique design: the back adopts the design idea of tumbler, no matter how it is placed on the table, it will not fall over. The heart-shaped box is decorated with pure natural eternal flowers, and the jewelry box is below (about 3 rings/1 necklace can be stored)

Perfect Storage Box For Your necklace

It’s a Perfect Organizer for your necklace. The Inside Velvet will protect your Ring from scratches

Festive Gifts: Perfect as Birthday Gifts for Women, Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends, Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom and Grandma, Anniversary Gifts for Her, Wedding Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Women’s Gifts, Give Her a Love surprise.

Dome Rose: Admirable 360°, the immortal rose is perfectly and eternally stored in the dome, in order to prevent easy breakage, we use high quality acrylic material for the cover.

Enchanting preserved flowers wrapped in high definition dome.

Note: That jewelry in the picture are not included

To delve deeper into our jewelry box collection and find your favorite, please browse through our range of exquisite options.



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