Our Story

The brand's founder, Nancy, had a passion for travel and collecting . However, she struggled to protect them during her jewerly. This inspired her to create a jewelry box that also served as a organizer

Our brand name, KissParts, was inspired by "Kiss", which represents passion, romance, and warmth, and "Parts", which represents our products.

The brand philosophy of KissParts storage boxes is to provide everyone with a sanctuary for safeguarding their souls. We firmly believe that every individual's life is adorned with countless precious moments and memories. Each storage box serves as a miniature treasure trove, designed to house these beautiful fragments. Our aspiration is for our boxes to kindle the creation of cherished memories and serve as vessels of emotions.

KissParts storage boxes are more than mere receptacles for possessions; they are repositories of sentiments. We meticulously shape each box, infusing them with love and creativity to grant them distinct significance. Let kissparts storage boxes become an indispensable facet of your life, preserving your treasured keepsakes and chronicling your precious moments.

We offer various types of jewelry boxes & organizer to meet different needs. Our product series include jewelry organizer, watch organizer, jewelry holder and more.

Our goal is to become a globally renowned jewelry boxes brand, providing the most creative and high-quality jewelry boxes for people.