Flower Ring Box


  • Rose shaped ring box
  • Material: Plastic, soft velvet
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 9.84*1.61 inches

When placing the order, please include a note specifying the color of the gift.


The beautiful red rose ring holder with a long stem and green leaves at the bottom, interior with a high-quality hard sponge, and soft flannelette cloth lining, and will protect your jewelry and accessories from any kind of damage or abrasion.

Use this flower ring box to present a ring to an aromantic partner when you propose, get engaged, or get married, also use this flower ring box to show beautiful earrings at your partner’s birthday party.

Hide this flower ring box in the rose bouquet, be able to present your ring in an unforgettable way, bringing her incomparable romance and surprise. (Reminder: The product does not contain rings.)

It is also perfect for displaying exquisite jewelry in retail stores or in your own home.

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