Are you interested in keeping your jewelry shiny for a long time? Check out this helpful guide on jewelry maintenance.

Take It Off

Even though we provide the highest quality products, it's important to take care of your jewelry. Wiping off dust from time to time and removing it during activities like exercising or doing dishes and gardening can help keep your jewelry in good condition.


If you need to take off your ring for any reason, make sure you have a safe place to store it.

Keep It Free From Lotion, Sunscreen, and Perfume.

Avoid wearing your ring in the ocean or while swimming and be careful when doing heavy work in the kitchen. It's also best to remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning.

Keep It Clean

Most jewelers offer free cleaning services, but if you can't make it to the store, there are ways to clean your ring at home. One option is to use a gentle dish detergent and a soft toothbrush, followed by rinsing in hot water. For extra shine, soak your ring in a diluted ammonia solution and gently brush with a soft toothbrush, then rinse and dry.

To maintain the shine and durability of our jewelry stones, it's important to take good care of them. Here are some helpful tips:

1: Avoid wearing our stones with other jewelry and avoid bumping them against hard objects. Although our stones are second only to diamonds in hardness, they are also brittle and can easily shatter upon impact.

2: Keep our stones away from high temperatures and sunlight. Exposure to heat can cause cracks to form on the surface, leading to fractures and damage.

3: Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, which can corrode and dull the surface of our stones. This includes cosmetics and other items that contain harsh chemicals.

4: Regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the beauty and quality of our stones. Since they are oleophilic and prone to oil contamination, it's recommended to clean them every two weeks using a soft brush and water. For best results, use a neutral conditioner specifically designed for the stone.